Event: An Event is your meeting or conference that will be using ExperienceGuru.

Guest: Guests are attendees at your event who will be receiving Pings. Each Guest record in ExperienceGuru has a small set of information, like name and SMS number.

Ping: Pings are questions you schedule to be sent to Guests. Guests will receiving SMS notifications at scheduled times, asking them to respond to your question.

Guest Segments: A Guest Segment is an attribute which can be assigned to a Guest. You can then configure a Ping to only be sent to one Guest Segment.

Issue: Issues are records, like problem reports, that can be associated with Guests and tracked in ExperienceGuru. For example, a Guest may report a problem when responding to a Ping; you can then create an Issue from this response, and follow up directly with the Guest.

Staff: Staff are organizers and volunteers at your Event who can be assigned Issues.

Staff Groups: You can sort staff into Staff Groups. This allows you to assign an Issue to anyone within a Staff Group, rather than an individual. For example, you might assign a registration Issue to the Staff Group associated with registration.

Memos: Memos are simple messages that can be sent to Staff.