The Live Dashboard is a great way for staff members and administrators to view real time activity/results of guest experience and respond to it.

1. In the Event Dashboard, click the Live Dashboard button
2. View Activity, Issues, and Recent Conversations

All Guest Activity

When viewing guest activity, a staff member can filter Ping Responses by smiles, neutrals, etc. 

Staff can send messages to guests via the Live Dashboard. These messages are sent directly to the guest via SMS text message. If a guest replies via SMS text, the conversation appears in the activity feed and the 'Recent Conversation' tab.

The activity feed also gives staff the ability to update a Ping Response to an issue. Clicking the 'Escalate to Issue' button will create a new issue. Administrators can assign this issue to an individual staff member or to a Group.

Once an issue has been created, updates and status of this issue can been seen in the 'Issues' tab. Learn about Issue Management here.