The Account Dashboard is composed of two major items: events and organizational staff. 

Once signed in through the website, the account holder/administrator will be brought directly into the Account Dashboard. 

If a event manager signs in, they will be brought directly into the Event Dashboard of the event they are assigned to. If a member of event staff signs in, they will see issues assigned to them or memos from their event. 

*The only user that has access to the Account Dashboard is the administrator.*

Creating Events

Many ExperienceGuru accounts may only use a single event. However, accounts that purchase multiple events can create and set up all of their events in the platform. 

To create a new event:

1. From your Account Dashboard, click the 'Create New' button next to "All Events"

2. Type in the name, start and end date, as well as the time zone of your event

3. When finished, click 'Create Event'

Tip: We suggest sending a test Ping to your guests the day before your event starts. This means setting the start date one day early.

Creating Organizational Staff

Create new staff members so that issues can be assigned to them. 

To create a new organizational staff member:

1. From your Account Dashboard, click the 'Create New' button next to "Organizational Staff"
2. Enter Name, Email (this will act as the username for the account), and cell phone number
3. Choose the preferred method of contact - SMS text, email or no notifications.
4. Create a password for login.
5. Select a role for this user - Event Staff or Organizational Administrator

Note: Event Staff can only view and respond to issues that are assigned to them.  

These staff can later be assigned to an event, from which they can be assigned a role or group for that event. 

Ready for the next step? Learn how to Create a New Event.