What are Pings?

Pings are the SMS Text Messages that are sent to an administrator's guests throughout a day or an event. In most cases, Pings are used to 'check in' with their guests to see how their experience has been. A guest will receive a Ping on their smartphone, and be able to let the staff know of their experience either through smileys or comments. 

Creating Pings

Pings can be created in the event dashboard, click the 'Create New' button.

1. Create an Internal Name for the Ping. This name will not be visible to guests.

2. Assign a date and time for the Ping to be sent. Make sure the time zone is configured to ensure the Pings are sent out at the correct time.

3. Create a Notification Message for Guests: When a guest receives a SMS text message, the content of that text is what an administrator sets up as the Notification Message for Guests.

4. Create a Question for Guests: A guest receives a SMS text message and taps on the link provided. The web page from this link will display the Question for Guests.

5. Select Smileys or Comments Only. 

By selecting Smileys, guests respond on a 3 point scale by selecting a smiley face in relation to their response (Good, Neutral, Poor). They can also add any additional comments to further clarify why an experience was good or bad.

The 'Comments Only' option does not give the guest an option to select a smiley. They will only respond through open ended comments.

Smileys  Comments Only

(Optional) Create Dropdown Options

Dropdown Options are intended to be used to filter your guests and better understand them based on specific details. Give the example above where the salad bar ran out of salad, if guests were having lunch in many locations it would be difficult for a staff member to act on this guest's experience. Using the Dropdown Options, staff could easily identify where exactly the salad bar is empty.

Note that if creating Dropdown Options, start and end options with the character |. See example below.

1. (Optional) Under 'Who should receive this Ping) select the segment of who should receive this Ping: If segments have been created, select the segment (group of people) of whom this Ping should be sent.

2. Finally, create the ping.

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